WiFi Protocols Question:
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What is difference between WPA and WPA2?
Explain MAC frame format?
Explain Random backoff algorithm?
EAPOL authhentication?
In WLAN what do you mean by syncronization?
Explain power save mechanism?
Explain fram control?
What in NAV ,where it is found?
what are career sensing techniques??
waht is different between thorughput and data rate?
waht are three types of frame ,explain?
explain process of wep?
which throughput is maximum tcp or udp?
drawback of wep?
explain 4 way handshake in wlan?
What is PS-Poll and its structure??
difference between Power save and legacy power save??
What is TIM?
What is trigger frame?
What is ACM bit where it is found?
explain key exchanges in all security modes WPA,WPA2,TLS?
What is contained in control frame?
what are four access categories,which one has more priority?
Difference between EAP and EAP-TLS?
what is broadcast domain for 10 STAS coneected to router at
layer 3?
what does four address field signifies??
explain powermanagement?
Working of RTS/CTS?
Explain hidden node problem?
what are different typr of frame spacing?
What is cipher?

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