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Is a web site on WordPress secure?


Out of the box WordPress is secure and you should not have to worry about any problems with your site. While we agree with that sentiment it does not stop us from taking extra steps to be positive your site will be secure. Part of the process of creating your site involves us taking extra measures to be sure your site will be secure for you. There are many things we will do that you will never need to understand, but unlike many design firms we will not just do a basic install and walk away. This will help prevent attacks against your web site (something that is not very common to begin with though).
There is a common myth that WordPress web sites are more prone to be attacked or hacked than a normal web site. After working on nothing but WordPress sites and blogs for the past three years I have only had to go in and repair a single site and that was due to a problem with the host of the site and not the site itself. Major businesses now use WordPress for their web sites, I am sure they would not do so if they felt it was not secure.

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