Phone Question:

Interview determines your career progress and it details about your job prospects. There are some dos and don’ts which should be taken care of during the interview they are


1) Avoid chewing gum, smoking, drinking, eating, etc during the interview.
2) Have some water beside you incase you need to wet your mouth.
3) Smiling has a profound effect which makes you and the interviewer comfortable. Make sure you develop a habit of smiling because it will help you in your interview.
4) Speak clearly, slowly, and explain to him in a pleasant tone.
5) Use Mr. or Ms and if you know their last name then use it.Ask for permission if you need to use their first name.
6) Never ever interrupt while some one is talking which applies here also.
7) Short answers are best answers be specific wherever requested.
8) Don’t rush go slow take a moment to think about the answer.
9) Ask for a face to face interview whether it is possible to have one scheduled.
There are telephone`s ethics which should be followed during the conversation because it makes you professional make sure that you follow.

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