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In our daily struggle towards our goals, time and the lack of it becomes our enemy?


But this should not be the case!

Since time is also a human invention, a form of measurement in knowing our past or history. The narrative of time, or how we have organized our memories and our past experiences using the standards of time, is very important in knowing the development of human civilization as well as societies and cultures.

More than this, we can also influence the changes in time and space relationship. We can manage these changes and prepare ourselves for the tasks within the time being that we can foresee.

Time Management is an important skill and knowledge especially in organizing complicated social structures.

In practical terms, we must recognize the importance of every moment and how each daily perception of second, minute, hour, etc, affects our survival and interaction with others in our rapidly changing environment. We could learn new things by knowing the importance of little changes that could affect larger phenomena.

One should know that a particular second in a chemical change is very relevant to whatever result of a scientific experiment.

On a more practical note, a decision made within a matter of seconds or days can change a destiny of a person, more so, even a nation.

The Millennium Celebration during the onset of the year 2000 was a major event and had inspired millions of people on what to expect and what to reflect as we marked two thousand years of human triumphs, defeats, and struggles. That celebration marked some of the most important achievements and even worries, astime is about to enter its historical leap. The millennium bug made some of us anxious. It scared people with cataclysmic scenarios of technology going frenzy as the two zeros of the year 2000 enters into our state of mind, resulting in outdated computer technology.

We are now moving towards the future, when and where time is one factor that can influence our success or downfall. In this regard, we can contemplate on some concepts and ideas about time.

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