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If the master device is full, how do I make the master database bigger?


It is not possible to extend the master database across another device, so the following from Eric McGrane (recently of Sybase Product Support Engineering) should help.

* dump the current master database
* Pre-12.5 users use buildmaster to create a new master device with a larger size. ASE 12.5 users use dataserver to build the new, larger, master database.
* start the server in single user mode using the new master device
* login to the server and execute the following tsql:

select * from sysdevices
* take note of the high value
* load the dump of the master you had just taken
* restart the server (as it will be shut down when master is done loading), again
in single user mode so that you can update system tables
* login to the server and update sysdevices setting high for master to the value
that you noted previously
* shut the server down and start it back up, but this time not in single user mode.

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