Critical Reasoning Question:
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If AGRA=1310 kms, DELHI=1680 kms, JAIPUR=2310 kms, then PURI=?


Agra is 4 letter word
Delhi is 5 letter word
Jaipur is 6 letter word
& they are asking for PURI.. which is again 4 letter word, so answer should be same as that of Agra i.e 1310.

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In the survey conducted in Mumbai out of 63 newly married house wives not a single house wife felt that the husbands should take equal part in the household work as they felt they loose their power over their husbands. In spite of their careers they opt to do the kitchen work themselves after coming back to home. The wives get half as much leisure time as the husbands get at the weekendsThe purpose of the proposed law requiring a doctors prescription for obtaining hypodermic needles is to lower the incidence of drug-related deaths, both accidental and intentional, involving hypodermic needles. But even knitting needles can be lethal if they fall into the wrong hands; yet everyone would agree that imposing legal restrictions on obtaining knitting needles would be preposterous. Hence the proposed law involving hypodermic makes no sense and should not be enacted.

Which of the following, it true, would provide most support for the argument above?

(A) Knitting needles have been known to cause injury and death.
(B) The benefits of hypodermic needles outweigh those of knitting needles.
(C) The proposed law would not deter the sort of activity known to result in drug-related deaths.
(D) The proposed law could not be effectively enforced.
(E) Knitting needles are not readily available to anybody who wants to obtain them.