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I want to code a REXX Program in order to load many tables in a database simultaneously in a batch fashion. Currently batch codes ar available in which only one job is submitted at a time and this loads only one table. My requirement is that many tables should be loaded at a time when one Job is submitted and can this be done using REXX Tool?


Not exactly sure what you are asking.

Can a REXX exec submit multiple jobs via the internal
reader? Yes.

Can you update multiple tables in a RDBMS? Yes, however
referential integrity could be compromised and RDBMS
overhead could be a serious issue.

Let's assume that you have that you are seeking to load DB
tables from a 100K+ 1NF file which has some 6257 bytes per
recode You would use REXX (CMSPIPES) to split the file while
keeping a common key. You would split this 1nf record in 3nf
tables. You would need to know the data and some aspects on
how it will be used --- Remember Data Privacy is important too.

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