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I keep seeing recipes requiring milk, where do I get it?


Ah yes, with the new publish we've finally "Got Milk". Milk can be obtained from living creatures, with not a lot of information currently available about what is available to be milked. First off, in order to keep from "spooking" the animal you must either have "Mask Scent" (requiring Exploration II in scout) or be camouflaged (requiring Ranger skills or having a ranger apply a camouflage pack to your character). While the concealment is in effect, bring up the radial menu on the creature, wait a second, and the "Harvest Milk" option will pop up if the creature is milkable. Select this, stay close to the animal for 20-30 seconds, and you will obtain a stack of either Wild Milk (the most common) or Domesticated.

The size of the stack seems to be determined mainly by the type of creature (I've found that larger creatures give larger stacks), and does not seem to be affected by your "creature harvesting" skill.

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