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I hear a strange sound. What could the problem be?


Strange sounds tend to be sidelined in the bustle and din of our roads, and by the car stereo playing in the background. However, if the problem persists, the car will make its condition known every time you take a corner or ride over a bump. Some easily recognizable sounds are

► Strange clicking while taking a turn from the front wheels means that the front shaft is about to fall apart. Get it fixed before it actually does.
► A fan-belt squeal means that another one is needed.
► Rhythmic clicks from the wheel indicate faulty bearings at worst or just large pebbles stuck in the tread pattern at the best.
► A change in engine tone usually indicates engine overheating, especially if you have been driving at constant speeds for a long time. Stopping or varying the engine speed should be enough if there is no severe problem. Otherwise, let the car cool down and then check radiator and water levels.
► Backfiring while normal driving means serious problems and should be properly investigated. Promptly.
► Engine knocks means that it is time to get into a lower gear. If it persists, however, it is time to get your engine and engine oil checked.

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