Germany Visa Question:
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I am married and have to go Germany. Is it possible to apply with twelth standers certificate.what else I need for dependent visa for spouse?


I will give you a good idea but dont tell this to
anyone.First you goto Germany and marry someone out there
on contract basis with german girl for PR once you get PR
you can cancel your contract Marriage and apply for your
spouse visa and take her along with you thats all .But dont
tell this to anyone.I am not mentioning my particulars.And
you can njoy life in Germany with your spouse .

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I am Married and my husband has got permanent job there. I need to apply for my dependent VISA, what are the procedures for it? i heard that my interview will be in German. Can someone help me?I have done FSc with 70% I have also done IELTS with 5.5 band should i get admission
on this score?