Assertiveness Question:
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I am a woman and I am not sure its considered feminine to be assertive all the time. Men can get away with it, but not women. Will men in my office hate me if I try to be assertive in the workplace?


It is unfortunate that assertive women often have more trouble at work than their male counterparts. However, that should not stop any woman from standing up for herselfin the workplace. If you possess the skills necessary for the job and have the experience and the drive, you can assert yourself and get what you want. A woman in a management position may find herself walking in a fine line. She must be assertive in order to do her job, but may be thought of as pushy or unfeminine when she does. Oddly enough, studies done on this topic showed that the criticism came mostly from other women, not the menin the workplace . Someone once said that we should learn to live without the good opinions of others. If your career is important to you, you will have to learn to beassertive and be selective about considering other peoples opinions.

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Have you ever been in a situation, at work, when you have been motivated to question an ethical issue?If I m assertive about what I know and what I can do, would not that make me sound egocentric? Should not I be more modest?