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1.What is single inheritance.
ans:one class is inherited by only other one class
2.What is multiple inheritance.
ans:One class inheriting more than one class at atime.
3.Can java support multiple inheritance.
4.what is interface?
ans:Interface has only method declarations but no defn
5.What is differenec between abstract class and interface?
ans:In abstract class some methods may contain definition,but in interface every method should be abstract.
6.How to you prove that abstrace class cannot instantiate directly?
ans:As they dont have constructor they cant be instantiated
7.What is differenece between string and stringbuffer?
ans:Strings are immutable where as string buffer can be modified.
8.What is immutable?
ans:Which cant be changed
9.What is main difference hashmap and hastable?
ans:Hash table is synchronised
10.What is main difference between array list and vector?
ans:Vector is synchronised
11.What is struts framework?
ans:It follows MVC architecture which is used for seperating view,controller,model
12.What is main difference between jsp and servlets.
ans:Jsp s are mainly used for dynamic presenatations where we can write code of design and actual content seperately.mainly coding becomes feasible
13.What is difference between procedure and functions?
ans:Fuctions can return value ,procedures cant return value
14.What is jdbc?
ans:Connecting to DB from java program requires JDBC
15.What are type of drivers?
java suports multithreading

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