WSDL (Web Services Description Language) Question:
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How you define Binding in WSDL?


Basically we use binding in WSDL to define format of messages and detailed information about protocol of web services.
I have given you binding consist of two attributes.
these are name attribute and type attribute(name is used to define binding name where as type is used to define binding port.
I case of SOAP binding it has two attribute. These are style and transport attribute.
<message name="getTermRequest">
<part name="term" type="xs:string"/>
<message name="getTermResponse">
<part name="value" type="xs:string"/>
<portType name="glossaryTerms">
<operation name="getTerm">
<input message="getTermRequest"/>
<output message="getTermResponse"/>
<binding type="glossaryTerms" name="b1">
<soap:binding style="document"
transport="" />
<soap:body use="literal"/>
<soap:body use="literal"/>

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