Aerospace Question:
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How would you handle the extreme pressure during emergency if you know that plane is not safe and it might crash anytime?


Few professions demand you to be selfless, and our respective clients would be the most important thing, that is why customer service differs completely in such fields compared to other streams. For example, Doctors, Lawyers, Pilots…these are the professions where employee saving your customer is the up most important thing. Therefore, as a Pilot we should understand our duties and responsibilities and will ensure that whatever panic situation we could be in, we will continue to deliver our duties until the end and ensure passengers are safe all times. Simultaneously I will own the full responsibility of landing the Air Craft safe and in the steady position.

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Can you miss the clearance limit and loose the commands from the Air Craft Officer?How important is to get the passengers switch off the mobile phones and laptops during land off. What could be the consequences?