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How would you handle daily stresses of working?


I feel that the main cause of my stress comes from feeling out of control or dis organized. I would try to set aside allocated time in the morning to organize my list, liaise with the MDT and set a list of goals that I need to achieve throughout the day. By identifying causes of stress I would hope that this would allow me to think of strategies to cope with these. One stress factor at a previous job was that I felt frustrated that I couldn't see the patients due to them being seen by nursing staff in the morning. I dealt with this by liaising with the nursing staff and asking when would it be a good time to see Mr.Jones. "Perhaps I could see him after he has had his wash, which would mean his pain killers would have a chance to work. Would this suit you.

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What steps do you personally take when work tasks are falling behind schedule?Which three words that best describe you?