Problem Solving Skills Question:
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How would you develop problem solving skills?


Most problem-solving skills are developed through everyday life and experience. However, the following interests and activities may be useful in demonstrating a high level of these skills. This may be particularly important when applying to employers in areas such as engineering, IT, operational research and some areas of finance:
☛ Mind games such as cryptic crosswords, Sudoku, chess, bridge, etc.
☛ Computer games are the best of these can involve strategic planning, critical and statistical analysis and assessing the pros and cons of different courses of action.
☛ Practical interests such as programming, computer repairs, car maintenance.
☛ Working with sound or lighting equipment for a band, event or shows.
☛ Academic study is evaluating different sources of information for essays, designing and constructing a microshelter for an architecture project, setting up a lab experiment.

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