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How would you be an asset to us At RichRelevance?


Answer #1
Think again about the job specification and the skills needed for this role At RichRelevance. Have a paragraph prepared highlighting how you will be able to do the job and what you can bring to the team. It goes without saying that this paragraph should be positive.

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Suppose there are three light switches outside a room. Inside is a single light bulb, controlled by one of the three switches. You need to determine which switch operates the bulb. You can turn the switches on and off as many times as you wish (they are all off to begin with), but may only enter the room once. There is no one there to help you. The door to the room is closed, and there are no windows, so you cannot see inside. How can you discover which switch operates the bulb?What was the most difficult employee situation you found yourself At RichRelevance? How did you overcome the problem?