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How to take a dump of Web Intelligence reports? Because I want to send reports with code Z(all operations like filters, alerters) to client. How can i do this?


Now to do this :

create any simple webi report using efashion demo universe.

save it; go to cmc and check the path of this .wid file from input;

go to that path;

copy the name of .wid file;

now rename your clients file with that name.

now your clients .wid file has the name of the .wid file of the webi document which u created using efashion.

now copy this file - and paste it into the input frs path; so you r just replacing the files with the id.

just login into infoview; click open the same file which you created;

it will show you your client report which you have replaced.

this is the way to manually migrate and test your reports - from one environment to another.

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