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How to get over a plateau?


Plateaus are when you become "stuck" at lifting a certain weight for weeks and you can't seem to get past it. Here are a few ways to get through a plateau.
o Take a week off. Give your body a chance to rest.
o Cycle your training and change your exercises.
o Work on the "weak link". i.e. Your triceps could limit your bench.
o Shock the muscles.
+ Stripping (explained in other parts of the FAQ)
+ Negatives (explained in other parts of the FAQ)
+ 10 sets of 10 using a light weight.
o Have your training partner put on the weights using a lot of 10-lbs and 5-lbs so you don't know what you're lifting just by glancing at the weights. It should be around your normal weight. It might be because of a mental block.

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