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How to Swap 30 & 40 in IP address using TCL script?


There are three solutions.

set a
set b [ string range $a 3 4 ]
set c [ string range $a 6 7 ]
set d [ string replace $a 3 4 $c ]
set e [ string replace $d 6 7 $b]
puts $e

set a
set b [ split $a .]
set u [lindex $b 0]
set v [lindex $b 3]
set x [lindex $b 1]
set y [lindex $b 2]
set z [join "$u $y $x $v" .]
puts $z

set ip
regexp {([0-9]+\.)([0-9]+\.)([0-9]+\.)([0-9]+)} $ip match 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
append new_ip $1st $3rd $2nd $4th
puts $new_ip

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