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How to Setup an additional poller in ITNM?


Set up an additional poller on the Network Manager server if one poller is not
sufficient to handle your network load.
To set up an additional poller for the monitoring system, you must add a record to
the NCMonitor Poller table, which adds the record to the Monitor Policy editor.
The ncp_poller process creates the record in the poller table and then exits.
The poller is automatically installed when you install Network Manager. Complete
the following steps to register a new instance of the poller and automatically start
the poller.

1. On the system where the poller will run, register the poller by entering the
following command.
ncp_poller -domain domain_name -register -name poller_name
2. Edit the CtrlServicesDOMAIN.cfg file.
a. Locate the entry for the ncp_poller process.
b. Copy the entry and change the -name parameter to match the name you
used to register the poller.
c. Save and close the file.
3. Restart the ncp_ctrl process with the specified domain. The ncp_ctrl process
restarts all running ncp_ processes, including the new poller

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