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How to Remove a poller in ITNM?


If a poller is not being used to monitor the network, you can remove the poller
from the monitoring system.
To remove a poller from the monitoring system, you must delete its record from
the NCMonitor Poller table, which removes the record from the Monitor Policy
editor. The ncp_poller process attempts to remove the relevant record from the
poller table and then exits.
Complete the following tasks to remove a poller from the monitoring system.
1. From the Network Manager server, issue the following command.
ncp_poller -deregister -domain [domain_name] -name [poller_name]
Note: When you issue this command, the record is deleted from the
NCMONITOR Poller table.
2. From the Monitor Policy Editor, edit each active policy to use a valid poller.

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