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How many types of exception handlers are there in .NET?


Answer #1
MSDN>gt; “How the Runtime Manages Exceptions” url=/library/en-us/cpguide/html/cpconexceptionsoverview.asp
The exception information table represents four types of exception handlers for protected blocks:
A finally handler that executes whenever the block exits, whether that occurs by normal control flow or by an unhandled exception.
A fault handler that must execute if an exception occurs, but does not execute on completion of normal control flow.
A type-filtered handler that handles any exception of a specified class or any of its derived classes.
A user-filtered handler that runs user-specified code to determine whether the exception should be handled by the associated handler or should be passed to the next protected block.

Answer #2
1. Unstructured Exception Handling
2. Structured Exception Handling

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