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How many T1 facilities the company needs between its office and the PSTN if it has 47 digital telephones, each operating at 64kbps
3 low-speed video machines, each operating at 384kbps
1 interactive video system, requiring 1.536 mbps.


Answer #1
Need 4 T1's.

Each T1 can accomodate 28 channels.
► 47 digital channels

► 3 low speed V.machines at 384 kbps.

► 1 interactive video systemat 1.536mbps.
=153664=24 channels.

So total=47+6+24=89 channels
each T1 requires 1 synchronizing channel & 1 signalling channel.
So 4 T1 requires 8 channels.
Total=89+8=97 channels.

4T1's =112 channels-96 channels=15 channels(remains free)

Answer #2

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