Behavioral Therapist Question:
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How do you react under pressure as Behavioral Therapist?


This question is best answered with a concrete example of how you handled a stressful situation from your past work history. Referencing a real example will give greater validity to your answer. For example, you might say, “In my last job I wore many hats and a lot of stress occurred around deadlines. I eased the stress by planning out a schedule which I sent to everybody on my team. That way we all who was responsible for finishing a particular job on time.”

If you can’t refer to a specific example where you handled stress – think how you would do so hypothetically. You might say, “I would handle a stressful situation by looking at my workload and seeing if it was reasonable. If I couldn’t get the job done in the time required, I might seek help from my co-workers or advice from my manager.”

Or finally, reference a personal example of stress management. For example, “When I was stressed by exams at school, I would break down the tasks I had to do into more manageable components then tackle them one by one.”

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