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How do I move tempdb off of the Master Device?


There used to be a section in the FAQ describing how to drop all of tempdb's devices physically from the master device. This can make recovery of the server impossible in case of a serious error and so it strongly recommended that you do not do this but simply drop the segments as outlined below.

Sybase TS Preferred Method of Moving tempdb off the Master Device.

This is the Sybase TS method of removing most activity from the master device:
1. Alter tempdb on another device:

1. alter database tempdb on ...
2. go

2. Use the tempdb:

1. use tempdb
2. go

3. Drop the segments:

1.sp_dropsegment "default", tempdb, master
2. go
1. sp_dropsegment "logsegment", tempdb, master
2. go
1. sp_dropsegment "system", tempdb, master
2. go

Note that there is still some activity on the master device. On a three connection test that I ran:

while ( 1 = 1 )
create table #x (col_a int)
drop table #x

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