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How do I make isql secure in Sybase?


isql uses the open/client libraries, which have no built in means of securing the packets that I know of. However, it is possible to use ssh to do all of the work for you. It is really quite straightforward. I saw this first published on the Sybase-L list by Tim Ellis, so all of the credit gos to him.

1. You will need a server running sshd that you have access to, which also has access to the ASE server.
2. Choose a port that you are going to make your secure connection from. Just like all ASE port selections it is totally arbitrary, but you if you were setting up a number of these, then you might want to think about a strategy. Regular server + 100 or something. Just make sure that it does not, and will not, clash with any of your regular servers.
3. Edit the interfaces file on the client side and set up a new server with an IP address of localhost and the port number you chose in the previous point. You might want to call it SERVER_SSH just to make sure that you know that it is the secure one. 4. Run the following ssh command:
ssh -2 -N -f -L port_chosen_above:remote_server:remote_port
5. Connect to the server using isql -Uuser -SSERVER_SSH

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