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How do I know which beauty professional to choose?


There are lots of beauty professionals and salons to choose from, so finding the best one for you can take time. Often it’s best to listen to recommendations from friends and family, however the following guide can also be useful:

1. Treatment
First decide which treatment you require. Sometimes this will be easy, for example if you want a manicure or facial etc. However if you require specialised treatments such as botox or chemical peels, this will involve researching the treatment in depth first.

2. Location
You can use the search on the homepage to find a beauty professional near to where you live. It may be that you’re prepared to travel to find the best beauty professional for you, but just remember you’ll have to do this each time you require a treatment! Some beauty professionals will work in a salon, others will work from a room in their home and some may be willing to come to your home.

3. Qualifications and experience
Checking qualifications is extremely important, and certificates should be on display in salons. Click here to find out what different qualifications beauty professionals should have. If you’re having specialised treatments, it’s vital that the individual you choose has the correct qualifications and experience so research this thoroughly before having the treatment.

4. Prices
Different individuals and salons will charge different prices. This is often due to the varying levels of experience and qualifications. You can compare fees directly in your area using our search.

5. Final Decision
Once you’ve decided upon your treatment, the price you’re willing to pay and the level of experience and qualifications your beauty professional should have, make an appointment. Before allowing your treatment to proceed, ensure the individual or salon provides a hygienic environment and you’re comfortable for them to go ahead with the treatment.

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