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How do I correct timeslice -201?


Why Increase It?
Basically, it will allow a task to be scheduled onto the CPU for a longer time. Each task on the system is scheduled onto the CPU for a fixed period of time, called the timeslice, during which it does some work, which is resumed when its next turn comes around.

The process has up until the value of ctimemax (a config block variable) to finish its task. As the task is working away, the scheduler counts down ctimemax units. When it gets to the value of ctimemax - 1, if it gets stuck and for some reason cannot be taken off the CPU, then a timeslice error gets generated and the process gets infected.

On the other hand, ASE will allow a server process to run as long as it needs to. It will not swap the process out for another process to run. The process will decide when it is "done" with the server CPU. If, however, a process goes on and on and never relinquishes the server CPU, then Server will timeslice the process. Potential Fix
1. Shutdown the ASE
2. %buildmaster -dyour_device -yctimemax=2000
3. Restart your ASE. If the problem persists contact Sybase Technical Support notifying them what you have done already.

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