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How can we convert crystal dictionary dc5 file to another datasource format like mdb or xml schema?


Crystal Dictionaries are simply Database Views. All we can
suggest is you open the Cr Dictionaries in the Dictionary
Designer to get the info out and then you'll have to create
a new report. There is no way to convert a report that used
a Dictionary to hit the database directly.

1) As dc5 files were never meant to be used in any
development at all, I would be surprised is this worked
without issues

2) As CR 8.5 and dc5 have been out of support for close to
7 years, it will be quite hard to find anyone that has any
expertise in this

3) You are using the Report Designer Component
(craxdrt.dll) in .NET. The RDC has not been tested in .NET
and as such is not supported in .NET of any version

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