Canadian Visa Question:
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How are you doing?


Answer #1
You don't have to be nervous and answer in a formal
way. This question is basically asked to make you comfortable.

Answer #2

Answer #3
I am fine thanks and how are you

Answer #4
I'm fine thank you

Answer #5
I am Fine Thanks

Answer #6
I am just passing my inteterview

Answer #7
i am fine and feeling good.

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I applied as foreign worker at Alberta, Canada twice. My first application was denied I received a letter from the embassy stating the I didnt satisfy the visa officer that I will go back to the Philippines after my contract. Then I tried the second time I was asked to appear for an interview at the embassy but then again I failed to satisfy the visa officer although I know for a fact that I answered all the question that was asked at me. Can somebody help me? how am I going to satisfy the visa officer?Have you ever been to Canada before?