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How You Can Get More Done in Less Time?


4 Key tips to help you with time management.

* The first thing you want to do is sit down and write out a list of all of your required responsibilities for the week so you know what you need to be doing. The things that you absolutely need to get done over the week. Things like daily chores around the house. Your family , work responsibilities ect... Then prioritize them in the order of importance.

* Next You need to know what you are currently spending your time on. You need to get yourself a daily planner and for one week write down everyday what you did and how much time it took to do it. I mean everything that you do. How long for cooking meals, time on the computer, tv, phone. How long it takes to get ready for work, traveling to work or school etc.... You want to study what you did for the week and how much time it took for each activity. Then anything that is not of immediate importance to your list you either stop doing that activity or greatly cut back on the time you spend on it. Things like time on the phone, computer, watching television.

* Now to get more done in less time you will start off your day working only on those items on your list and nothing else until those tasks are completed.

* The real key also is to not let any thing distract you and get you off track of your work. Example of this would be do not answer the phone either unplug the phone or let the answering machine take a message. Do not answer the door or if you do let who ever is at the door know that you are busy and this is not a good time. If you have a favorite show that is on early in the day when you need to be working on your responsibilities then tape it so that you can watch it later.

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