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How Do I Create A Partitioned Table That Spans Multiple Devices in Sybase?


Creating a partitioned table that spans multiple devices is a multi-step procedure. In this example, we assume the following:

* We want to create a new segment rather than using the default segment.
* We want to spread the partitioned table across three devices, data_dev1, data_dev2, and data_dev3.

Here are the steps:
1. Define a segment:
sp_addsegment newsegment, my_database,data_dev1
2. Extend the segment across all three devices:
sp_extendsegment newsegment, my_database, data_dev2
sp_extendsegment newsegment, my_database, data_dev3

3. Create the table on the segment:

create table my_table
(names, varchar(80) not null)
on newsegment

4. Partition the table:
alter table my_table partition 30

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