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How DHCP work?


DHCP Stands for Dynamic host configuration protocol.
DHCP is a protocol used for automatic configuration IP address in client computers connected to IP networks. DHCP operates on a client server model in four phases.
★ Discover: A client broadcasts DHCP Discover message when it comes alive on the network.
★ Offer: When a DHCP server receives the DHCP Discover message from the client, it reserves an I P address for the client and sends a DHCP Offer message to the client offering the reserved IP address.
★ Request: The client receives the DHCP offer message and broadcasts a DHCP request message to show its consent to accept the offered IP address.
★ Acknowledge: When the DHCP server receives the DHCP Request message from the client, it sends a DHCP Ack packet to the client. At this point the IP configuration process is complete.

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