Forklift Executive Question:
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Have you ever had problems with a supervisor or a coworker? Describe the situation for me?


Crappy, unacceptable, interview ending answer: "Yes, I actually left my last job because my last manager wouldn't get me promoted / give me a raise/ give me an opportunity/you fill in the blank. I worked there for 7 years had the second most seniority, came in on time every day. . blah blah blah."

Sounds like an excuse to me. Do I need to sit through 30 minutes of excuses?


"There was a co-worker at my last job who was an ass to everyone. Not just me. He was always negative, came in smelling like smoke, and I am sure he drank during lunch. He was always telling what to do and how to do it. Nothing was good enough for him."

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