Sale Promoter Question:
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Fresh Sales Promoter Job Interview Questions:


☛ What types of products do you market?
☛ Are you familiar with our product?
☛ What do you know about our firm and our current/past campaigns?
☛ Have you ever been a part of a marketing team and do you consider yourself a team player?
☛ Have you defined a new product for the R&D?
☛ What steps do you take when launching a new product?
☛ What procedure do you take for producing new marketing ideas?
☛ How do you research for a target market?
☛ Can you supply a successful presentation you made for a product? Can you give reasons as to why it succeeded?
☛ What marketing project tools do you use for achieving product goals?
☛ Can you give an example of a campaign which hasn't worked as you had planned? Can you point out the reasons for that failure?

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