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1) If you had won a lottery of 10 million what will you do with that money and tell us in which way you will be spending that money?
2) If you got to meet a person from the history with whom will you meet and why?
3) Hollywood is planning to do a movie on you which actor will you recommend to play your role?
4) If you are trapped in a forest what will be your first thought?
5) If you are provided with invisibility power what will be your first action? What will be your first work and action?
6) Name a person either male or female you would like to get transformed into?
7) You are on a beach alone what will you do?
8) Name a person with whom you would like to have dinner and why?
9) If you were stuck in the middle of the desert what will be your strategy to escape?
10) Till date what is the most fearsome act you have done?
11) Suppose you have six months time to live what will you do with the time?
12) Do you like to live in a colony or have a castle built in a lonely island owned by you?
13) What will be your instant reaction when you have found that you forget something very important and you are unable to recollect it?
14) If you are transformed into a car which type of car you would like to be?
15) Suppose you are transformed into a doll or stuffed action heroes who would that be?
16) You just found out that the next cigarette you smoke will kill you what will you do?
17) Can you please rate me on a scale of one to five where one being the lowest and five being the highest?
18) You just recollected your past life what would be your reaction how do you explain it to people?
19) You just got hold of a time machine what will you do?
20) You have a time machine in which you can go to any level of past but you cannot return to the current date and time what will you do.

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These are some of the questions which might be asked during your interview.There can be many unusual questions the key to answer to these questions is to speak your mind.