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Explain what is the information that SRFs typically contain?


SRF files contain HTML and script tags denoted by the {{ opening and }} closing braces.

A single SRF file may call code from a number of application DLLs and a single application DLL may serve a number of SRF files.

Following is a list of tags used in the SRF:

The codepage tag within an SRF is used when the SRF is parsed.
The comment tag does not rendered on the client Web browser.
The handler tag specifies the name of the Web application DLL and the name of the request handler. There can only be one handler tag per SRF.
The include tag inserts the rendered content of another SRF at the current position of the SRF that uses it.
The locale tag signifies that any content rendered after that point in the file should support the locale that is specified.
The replacement tag is a customized tag that is replaced with content from the request handler within your Web application DLL.
The subhandler tag defines an additional request handler. Unlike the handler tag, there can be multiple subhandler tags within an SRF.

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