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Explain what is composite cost of capital? Explain the process to compute it?


Composite cost of capital is also known as weighted average cost of capital which is a measurable unit for it. It also tells about the component costs of common stock, preferred stock, and debt. Each of these components is given weightage on the basis of the associated interest rate and other gains and losses with it. It shows the cost of each additional capital as against the average cost of total capital raised. The process to compute this is first computing the weighted average cost of capital which is the collection of weights of other costs summed together. The formula is given as:-

WACC= Wd (cost of debt) + Ws (cost of stock/RE) + Wp (cost of pf. Stock)< /STRONG>

In this the cost of debt is calculated in the beginning and it is used to find out the cost of capital and other weights of cost is been calculated after the calculation each and every individual weight of the component is added and then it gives the final composite cost.

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