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Explain what are the various controls in the Application Designer Tool?


The various controls for Application Designer Tool are as follows:

Maximo uses “controls,” numerous pre-fabricated elements like tables and textboxes, to build the user interface for its applications. The individual controls are part of Maximo’s code and cannot be modified.

Control Name and Description

Tabgroup - A container for adding tabs.
Tab - An individual tab in a tab group.
Section - A container for adding controls such as section columns, section rows, fields, buttons, combo boxes, and check boxes.
Section Column - A column in a section.
Section Row - A row in a section.
Section Header - A container to label a section or a table window, with the capability to display dynamic values in its label. This control contains the parameter values control which is a container for the parameter value control.
Parameter Values - A container for the parameter value control to be used in sections and table windows.
Parameter Value - Dynamic values that reside within a section header.
Combobox - A combo box with drop-down functionality.
Checkbox - An HTML check box.
Blank Line - Inserts white space in a section.
Help Grid - Help text displayed in dialog boxes.
Image - Allows you to insert an image.
Listbox - An open, drop-down menu which displays dynamic content.
Multiline Textbox - A text input box with multiple lines.
Multipart Textbox - Two text boxes next to each other; one for displaying text and the other a description.
Static Text - Informational text displayed in an application.
Textbox - A text input box with a single line.
Table - A container for a table window.
Table Column - A container for a column in a table window.
Tree - A container for a hierarchical structure.
Tree Attribute - A value to describe the tree node control within the tree control.
Tree Node - A container for defining the child elements within the tree control.
Appbar - A container that displays all the applications, belonging to the current module, except for the currently displayed application.
Menubar - A menu bar that contains signature options for the Search, Query, and Bookmark menus.
Hyperlink - A hyperlink that supports both text and graphics.

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