Groupware Servers Question:
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Explain what are the issues involved with communication and collaboration layers?


The issues involved in communication as well as collaboration layers are as follows:
• The email system that is designed to support the client must be able to handle the text, images, video and sound and allow the clients to upload or use the same.
• The email support system should be able to check the format that is being used by the files that are getting uploaded or used. No file should have the same format.
• The email support systems are not need to be compatible between different organizations.
• The storage of the files that are in unstructured format should be addressed and indexed properly.
• Collaboration layer should allow different types of electronic document to be used by the system.
• They should have easy sharing options of these documents.
• The system should be able to store and locate the files over the network and allow the downloading to be done on the client machine.

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