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Explain what are the Lotus Notes database elements?


The elements of Lotus Notes database are

1. Data
2. Design
3. Code
4. Security

1. Data :

- Data is stored in Notes database as a set of records.
- Every record is referred as a document.
- A document / record consist of fields of various formats like, rich text, file attachments.

2. Design:

- Different design elements are used to store data in database.
- Initially, the forms are used to access, modify records.
- There are navigators and outlines which allow to create visual interfaces.
- The design elements in a database can be seen using Notes client or a web browser.

3. Code:

- Data manipulation is done by different types of code in a database.
- Lotus Notes has native support for a formula language, scripting language.
- The code can directly be placed on design elements like Forms, views.

4. Security

- Notes provide a security layer called Access Control List.
- This allows the DBA / designers to fine tune the user’s transactions in the database.
- Users are allowed to have access changes in database.
- On a more granular level, the database designer / DBA can grant or revoke or deny the access to various database components like Views, Forms and even Documents.

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