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Explain what advice would you give to an up and coming translator?


If you're freelancing, get out from behind that computer and network, network, network. Then, when you're sick of all that networking, network some more. This is how you get work. After you're well established and word of mouth has gained a momentum of its own, you won't need to pound the pavement nearly as much, but in the beginning you definitely need to dedicate every spare moment you can to marketing your services.

Also, don't generalize; pick one or two specializations you enjoy and carve your niche in those specializations. If you do that, clients will turn to you again and again as the "go to" person for those specializations, and you'll get to work in a subject you like. To paraphrase a popular saying, do what you love and the money will come later; if it doesn't, hey, at least you're doing what you love. I have a passion for wines and actually have an intermediate certification in wines and spirits from the Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET), so from time to time I'm approached by wineries to translate their marketing materials for an American audience.

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