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Explain using the NetWare Btrieve NLM v6.0, BTRMON and NDBMON show files as opened by a different user than the one that originally opened the files and I cant back up or close those files. Why does this happen and what is the solution?


- When Netware time restrictions are in force and any user's connection to NetWare is terminated, the Btrieve files are remain open to that connection.

- If a new uses logs in and uses the same connection ID, the Monitor utilities will show all the files opened by new user.

- All these files have opened by Btrieve

- Back up can be taken when they are not in Continuous Operations Mode.

- As the necessary Btrieve Position blocks are not available, the user can not access these files.

- The application should perform an explicit Btrieve Reset Operation in order to avoid leaving files open or the work station should reboot before NetWare time restrictions take effect.

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Suppose after upgrading to NetWare v3.11 and the NetWare Btrieve NLM v5.15, Btrieve is running slower than expected. What are the factors and how to fix them?Tell me what happens when you use NetWare Btrieve v6.x to access a Btrieve file that was created in the v5.x file format?