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Explain some tricks that can drive more traffic to your blog posts?


Few tricks that can drive more traffic to your blog posts are

☛ Promote your content or BlogPost across a wider variety of Platforms like
☛ ☛ com
☛ ☛ Tumblr
☛ ☛ com
☛ Create a 6-second preview of your post with app(iPhone) like Vine and post it on tweeter with a link to the blog post
☛ Give a short presentation of content or blog on Slide-Share and provide link to the content or to any relevant content
☛ Pin your post to Pinterest contributors board by choosing attractive image, title of your blog post, adding keywords and hashtags
☛ Use Instagram to share the image or title of your blog post. Share your blog post images to Tumblr, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and Foursquare

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