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Explain ping?


If your problem is not obvious from examining 'ifconfig -a' and 'netstat -rn', the ping command can be very useful in diagnosing it further. Try running 'ping -s machine-with-no-route'. There are two possibilities. If you get some type of 'network unreachable' or 'host unreachable' error, this typically means that there is no route on your machine to the machine you are trying to ping. You will probably need to define a static route for that machine's network, or possibly a default route. Following are a few examples. Under SunOS, you'll just get the basic '... unreachable' errors: %%%% ping -s lab-manta PING lab-manta: 56 data bytes sendto: Network is unreachable ping: wrote 64 chars, ret=-1 At this point, you should return to looking at your 'netstat -r' table.

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