Physiotherapy Question:
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Explain muscles and their functions in the human body?


Muscles are what we usually call flesh. They have the power
of contraction and consequently of expansion also. When a
muscle contracts, it becomes shorter and thicker like a
piece of India- rubber- its two ends coming neater each
other. Source of supply of energy to the muscle is the
combustion of the glucose supply to the muscle to the muscle
by blood and oxygen it carries with it
There ate two types of muscles
(a) Voluntary, and
(b) Involuntary.
(a)Voluntary:- Voluntary muscles are those with we can
contract whenever we wish it which we move at will. These
ate joined to the bones at either end by chords. When a
muscle of this kind contracts, it pulls one of the bones
towards the other. Since a muscle cannot ?push? , an
opposing muscle brings the bent bone in the straight position.
(b)Involuntary muscles :- Involuntary muscles are not
connected with any bones and we have no control over them.
The heart, the blood ?vessels, hair follicles the interior
of the eye, alimentary canal, bladder and uterus, the
respiratory organs inside the body al these are covered by
these muscles. They do their work not under the command of
man: hence they are involuntary muscles.

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