CCTV Operator Question:
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Explain me which Pan And Tilt Unit Should I Use?


The choice is wide and varied dependent on the system requirements. You may require Top mount, Side mount, 230V AC or 24V DC to name just a few.

☛ Pro: Can fit two IR lamps on the side of the Pan/Tilt. These act as a counter balance enabling you to use a lighter duty Pan/Tilt head.
☛ Pro: Compact size.
☛ Con: Restricted tilt often -45 to 0 dependent on the housing fitted.
☛ Con: Cannot be inverted.

☛ Pro: Can be inverted.
☛ Pro: Often cheaper.
☛ Pro: Large tilt often +or- 180
☛ Con: Difficult to mount IR lamps.
☛ Con: Generally large size.

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