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Explain me what is your principle to understand a device practically? Can you give the demonstration in front of the customer?


As a salesperson, you should be aware of the principles and working methods of a device. You should have an in depth knowledge as you may need to clarify the queries of the customers. Apart from the basic features, you should also be aware of the working process of the device. It can be a mobile phone, a laptop or any other product. You should use the device once in order to handle the queries effectively. If you gain some practical experience, it will be easy for you to attend to the doubts of the customers regarding that particular device.

You should have the confidence to give a demonstration in front of the customers. This will also give the customers better and more information about the device. While demonstrating, the customers have the right to ask questions or doubts regarding the device. Thus, it is necessary that you should conduct a demonstration in front of the customer.

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