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Explain me the layers of OSI model?


OSI model stands for Open System Interconnection It is a framework which guides the applications how they can communicate in a network.

OSI model has seven layers. They are listed below,

☛ Physical Layer (Deals with transmission and reception of unstructured data through a physical medium)
☛ Data Link Layer (Helps in transferring error-free data frames between nodes)
☛ Network Layer (Decides the physical path that should be taken by the data as per the network conditions)
☛ Transport Layer (Ensures that the messages are delivered in sequence and without any loss or duplication)
☛ Session Layer (Helps in establishing a session between processes of different stations)
☛ Presentation Layer (Formats the data as per the need and presents the same to Application layer)
☛ Application Layer (Serves as the mediator between Users and processes of ap

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